Innovations Bring Real Savings To A Company When It Comes To Healthcare


With the increasing inflation rate of healthcare now comes a huge challenge to companies. How they can cut down the cost in the long run knowing the cost keeps on increasing as the years pass by? This is where employers need to be more innovative in order to bring in real savings not just joining the bandwagon of consumer driven healthcare. This trend has reached its limit and more often than not, companies need to look for another alternative in saving dollars.

This is where innovations take into the picture. When a company innovates and think out of the box, then real savings come. Why is this so? The company will be able to design measures, which are in line with the current situation of the employees.

Basically, things are more direct and applicable, so to speak. One good example is creating a healthcare clinic wherein it offers limited services. The employees are able to get fast and more convenient care for problems that are not life threatening. This will entail cost much lesser compared to that of a hospital.

While this kind of innovation to a company’s view on healthcare towards to its employees does incur costs at the beginning, later on it would have more benefits. Both the employer and employees will get into a win-win situation. Of course, it can be viewed as a radical change on the part of the company. Come to think about the result. It would yield to having a more productive and healthy employees working towards the success of the business. This is definitely worth investing for!

Other companies might be keen on getting into the shift, moving from comprehensive to consumer driven healthcare plans. The question now is this – is it really working? Does the company save money out of doing it in the long run? The answer to this has not been calculated. More often than not, companies are left hanging thinking if indeed they did save when they have made the change.

As for companies who are thinking both the welfare of the employees as well as of the company – a compromise need to be made. This is to come up with a healthcare plan of which the majority would be pleased with the result.

We do know people’s reaction to change is not that welcoming. Some will become uncomfortable and will resort to resistance. It is all up to the company’s management to stick with the plan, pushing it through and coming up with a revised one if it needs to be. In this way, employees will be able to get its full benefits while at the same time the employer saved money at the end. A good example is companies that offer biometric screenings for their employees.

It does need careful research, study and analyzation before coming up with a conclusion. Also, resorting to trial and error method all the time might result in confusion and loss. It is recommended to be very careful when planning and implementing. Things should be clear right at the start.

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